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hi. I’m a Courage Coach and freedom maker who colors way outside the lines. I’m armed and ready to help savvy (yet sometimes fear induced) women business owners like you set your biz & life ablaze by seeing right through the BS that keeps you stuck, while figuring out what is REALLY holding you back so you can start walking your talk and create the life and biz you want.


For 30 years I lived my life by the rules, by what the world viewed as success and I played it safe. I let fears dictate my choices and perfection keep me wanting.

Then I had a wake up call that hit me to the very core and shook me so hard that I had to wake up and see that I was alive and breathing but I wasn’t really living.

I made the gut-checking move to start on my own personal courage revolution: I declared that I would no longer allow fear to dictate my choices and hold me captive. I made a list and started checking it off.



  • Hiking Fisher Peak, the tallest peak in the Kootenay’s towering over the other peaks at almost 10,000 ft. This is a big feat due to my fear of heights. (You can read the full list here) 
  • Taking a chance and approaching 60 influential, successful people to co-author a book, The Courage to Fly, to help raise money to build a school in Nicaragua and almost every one of the said HECK YEAH. My fear of rejection almost kept me from making this happen. 
  • Jumping out of an airplane and falling 10,000 feet was a definite fear of plummeting to my death, or breaking both legs.

{Click Here to See the Full List of Fears I’ve Conquered}

With all of this crazy fear busting has come more clarity, confidence and compassion and of course has given me even more courage to face other fears when they rear their ugly heads.

I see so many women who are lost, who are unfulfilled, who want more out of life but are too scared to get out there and create their happiness.  This is due to fear, feelings of unworthiness, and limiting beliefs.

I see so many women who let fears keep them chained down; immovable and this is a place I remember all too well.

Trying so hard to please everyone else, to appear perfect and successful and happy when in reality, on the inside they are crumbling!

I want to release you from those chains that hold you captive.

I want to help you view who you are with new eyes, to remember and to believe.

I want you to tap into your own superpowers and create a life of freedom, no more waiting.

I want to open your eyes to the fact that you are enough; NO, you are more than enough.

I want to help you discover your truth, live with courage and make a big impact in the world because you aren’t afraid anymore to step up into you light and shine.

I believe in YOU.  I believe that you are enough and I am so ready for you to ditch those limiting beliefs and uncover your guiding truths.

I believe you are ready to break free from the chains that keep you captive: fear, doubt, envy, shame and re-claim your life.

It is your time to break free and to fly again.

I believe you are meant to do big things and I am going to guide you in owning your life and playing big; it is your time to soar!

Your life is waiting.

I am ready to help you Get Your BRAVE ON and I think you are ready too!




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