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Centre Stage Spotlight :: Amber Lilyestrom – “Chantelle’s beautiful and well-designed program got me on the road to accomplishing my goals.”

1. How have you grown your business through speaking? When I joined Centre Stage, I had no clue how to begin with writing my signature talk, even though speaking was one of my TOP goals in my business. With Chantelle’s help, I was able to tackle a life-long goal, write a talk based on myContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Centre Stage Spotlight :: Elena Lipson – “I’ve learned to trust my story and the power it has to transform and inspire the listener.”

1. How have you grown your through speaking? Coming from a corporate training background, I’ve always been comfortable speaking in front of a classroom. But there’s something so different about being an entrepreneur and sharing YOUR story. This process is so vulnerable and even scary. And it’s difficult to know where to start and whichContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Centre Stage Spotlight :: Susie Romans – “I gained the power of telling my story and inspiring the audience to really take action!”

 1. How have you grown your business through speaking? I have grown my business through speaking in so many ways since taking Centre Stage Spotlight. I have booked six speaking engagements locally (in the Chicago area). I’ve also participated in two different Tele Summits, I’ve had so much more confidence during my webinars and whileContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Centre Stage Spotlight :: Norie Marfil – “Chantelle is truly one of my spiritual guides in this journey!”

1. How have you grown your business through speaking? I’ve been able to be more clear and deeply grounded on message about ‘Second Chances’ which gave me the confidence to move courageously forward in reaching out to others who are still struggling and suffering silently in the dark. Guiding them in awakening their hearts toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Centre Stage Spotlight :: Laurie Ashley – “Center Stage has elevated my business!”

1) How have you grown your business through speaking? Increased my business visibility After Center Stage I started playing around more on video. Immediately my visibility and personality was able to shine through to my online audience. I think this has been invaluable when it comes to standing out online and sharing my personality through myContinue ReadingContinue Reading

5 Ways to Get Booked to Speak When Just Starting Out

Microsoft Word – Article-How to Get Booked (10 Ways).docx 1) Be Specific It is important to get specific and know who you are speaking to and where you want to speak. So let’s get that sorted out.   Who is your main target audience? For example: My main audience for the past 4 years hasContinue Reading

Courage to Let Go

This is something that is really close to my heart right now as I am working through and struggling with my next steps and what I am going to let go of in my business to make room for the things that most light me up.   When we start out in business we tryContinue Reading

5 Ways to Profit From Speaking

As many of you know, I have been speaking since I was young and professionally (getting paid;)) speaking for the last 4 years and have delivered over 700 presentations in that time frame! I will do the Math for you… yes, that is a crazy 175 speaking gigs/year on average! I have learned a lotContinue Reading

How to Fail Like a Pro

For as long as I can remember I avoided failure like the plague. It haunted it me and was the deciding factor for most of my decisions.  You see I wanted to succeed and so I avoided anything that might welcome failure at all costs.  Which lead to me living a very safe life. WhenContinue Reading

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