Chantelle Adams is a highly sought after motivational speaker (delivering over 150 presentations a year), Author, Courage Igniter and Passionate Do-gooder.  Her mission is to teach our future leaders (aka our kids) to be confident, courageous and compassionate while giving the rest of us (aka the adults) tools to soar and live our most courageous lives.


Chantelle has started The Courage Revolution and is on a mission to face all of her fears and help others do the same.

Courage is the #1 Key to Success and Chantelle will show you exactly how to add more courage to every situation and decision in your life.

It is time to create a courage revolution and help your audience get their brave on!


This is not just a speech, this is a total experience that will have your audience laughing, crying, digging deep, dancing and taking serious action in their life and business!

If you want to have your audience on their feet and ready to start their own Courage Revolution then Chantelle is a must-have for your next event.

Chantelle is available to speak at your live event, your online summit, or virtual events.  As well as doing guest interviews for your blog or organization.

There are many ways to bring Chantelle’s message to your audience..

A few of her Signature Talks:

Get Your Brave On in Business

Courage is the #1 key to success and I am all about getting you facing your fears, creating a huge mindset shift that will propel you into taking action and making your business and life take off in a big way!

If I can jump out of an airplane and fall 10,000 feet when I am terrified of heights you can totally launch that program, write that guest post, ask for that testimonial or any other thing that will move you from wanting to having your own Freedom Business that lights you up and changes the world!

My presentation will:

• Help you face your fears and let go of the negative beliefs that are keeping you from playing big.

• Create a huge mindset shift that will help you see fear in a completely new light and propel you forward in your life and business.

• Get you trusting your gut and set you on your way to taking massive action that will get you where you want to go… now.

I will get you up out of your seats, putting your courage to the test and helping you build confidence to get your brave on and start playing BIG. You were meant for this, it is your time to fly and I am here to help you take that first BIG LEAP!

Your Story Matters


Being so crystal clear about your brand and your identity that you almost effortlessly stand out in the online world and draw your dream clients to you. Knowing without a doubt your why, your purpose and your message and how it all fits together which makes it fun to create powerful content that is exactly what your fans need and want.

So HOW do you get this clarity? The answer is your story.

I will teach you:

• How your story is the foundation of your brand identity.

• How to use your story to attract your dream clients.

• How to build credibility and connection through your story

• How to create programs, offerings and amazing content using the power of story.

• How to use your story to develop your signature system and signature speech.

Your story matters more than you may know and now is the time to find out why.

Rebels With A Cause

I am a passionate Do-gooder who launched The Courage to Fly Project where I decided to jump out of an airplane and fall 10,000 feet to raise $10,000 to build a school in Nicaragua.

But, not only that I brought together 60 powerhouse change makers to collaborate and write a book, The Courage to Fly, which we gave to every person who donated and some of the amazing women who said YES to contributing were Danielle LaPorte, Nisha Moodley and Karen Salmansohn to name just a few. I did interviews, created a fabulous site with donations from each of the contributors and published a book all in just 6 weeks.

You will learn:

• How to infuse giving back into your business model and WHY this is so good for your business and for the world.

• How to ask. This is HUGE, you have to know how to ask for support and how to get a sure fire YES!

• How to create buzz around your project

• How to take your idea to revolution in a short time frame and how to get a team on board to help you do it.

• How to build giving back into your business model.

You will be inspired and all fired up ready to rock your own revolution once I am done and that is exactly what I want…. complete world domination.

Taking Centre Stage

Imagine speaking at events, selling out classes and publishing books while reaching thousands of people who can’t get enough of YOU. All this juicy goodness comes from showing up and getting your brave on while speaking on live and virtual stages.

Ready to rock and roll? Listen up and take note, this is the moment you go from best-kept secret to celebrity status and when you go from fearful to courageous, it is your time to step into the spotlight and share your message with the world!

I will teach you:

• Why you need to add speaking to your business model.

• Why speaking is one of the best ways to increase your visibility and credibility

• How you can get over the fear of speaking.

• What every good speech must have.

• The secrets to getting booked.

Are you ready to spread your message to the masses and create a massive fan base while building instant credibility and expert status?! Then it is time for YOU to take Centre Stage.


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