Storyology: One on One Coaching


Being so crystal clear about your brand and your identity that you almost effortlessly stand out in the online world and draw your dream clients to you.

Knowing without a doubt your why, your purpose and your message and how it all fits together which makes it fun to create powerful content that is exactly you’re your fans need and want.

Being able to stand on a stage and completely captivate your audience and create a long list of raving fans from every single speaking opportunity.

I know the secret to making this happen.

Consider this:

What is the underlying thread of everything you do in your business?

What is the one thing that will totally set you apart from the over-crowded online world?

What is the quickest way to create connection and build a following of raving fans who adore you and can’t get enough of you?

What is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business.

The answer:


Storytelling is one of the oldest tools to help teach lessons and create connection and is now the best tool you have to rise above the clutter and deliver powerful content that actually resonates and is memorable.

I help you hone your story and tie it into your signature speech, your signature system, your brand and content creation… yes your story is the foundation of your business.

The number one marketing tool you have is YOU and your story is what connects people to you.

From our one on one time together you will:

  • Uncover your story
  • Define your Breakdown and Breakthrough Moments
  • Uncover Your North Star Message
  • Really zone in on your audience, your message, your why
  • Develop the outline of your signature system
  • Come up with offerings and programs based on your story and North Star Message
  • Have a list of blog topics that are sure to connect and convert
  • Create an outline for your signature speech to use at live or virtual events
  • Uncover your overarching brand and tie it all together in one killer package that is totally 100% authentically YOU

How this will all go down:

Step 1: I will send you some powerful questions and assignments to work through.

Step 2: You will send me your answers and I will go through them all and let my intuition really guide me so I am more than prepared when we actually get together on a call.

Step 3: We will set up a time to meet via skype for 1 hour and I will walk through everything I have uncovered already.  During this call we will work together to really get to the root of your why, your message and the outline for your signature system.

Step 4: You will go and work on your signature system to get more clarity and depth into your process.  When you have completed this assignment you will send it back to me.

Step 5: I will go through this and offer detailed feedback to make it as powerful as possible and also brainstorm ideas and ways you can form this into a speech with many added ideas to make it connect with your dream clients.

Step 6: We will then meet again for 1 hour to work out branding, programs, offerings, your signature speech outline and tie everything all together using your story.

Unlocking your story in this way and getting so much clarity in how it all fits together is exactly what you need to finally step into your own greatness and truly shine!

Do you love learning with other powerful, dynamic, passionate women? Then hop on the waitlist to join Storyology 101 the group coaching program that will do all of the above but will also offer accountability and a supportive community to help you every step of the way.